About Valerie

I’m a LOVE Traveler,
Tarot Interpreter & Reiki Master
on a mission to help us
Remember Who we Are and What we Represent!

Yes, it’s true. I am an Tarot Reader and Intuitive Counselor and yes, I can actually see, hear and feel your energetic presence. And Yes, I identify as a Witch and practice a lot of nature based and new age Spirituality. Pretty Woo Woo I know! But I’m also an intellectual bad ass with a Master’s Degree in Education, 25 years in the Helping Professions, and 50+ years walking this earth with all the challenges that come with being a seeker. I’ve worked with addicts, those living with HIV disease, people in deep poverty, homeless folks, and I’ve seen and held space for the kind of pain that creates a hard shell around gentle souls.

But the Biggest Reasons why I do this work of UnStucking is because I once was so stuck that I felt encased in cement. I was recently divorced, had made a really bad rebound relationship decision, got myself in way over my head financially, and was grieving the loss of my Father. Basically, I had leveled my life and was sitting in the midst of the rubble looking for the next person to BLAME! I was a real Ass Hole. It was all someone else’s fault.

So I did what many people do. I went to therapy and whined endlessly about my problems. I dove deep into a pharmaceutical solution because I “couldn’t stand the pain.” I avoided taking any responsibility for my own circumstances because I had been done so terribly wrong. I wallowed in self pity.

But in the depths of that despair, and let me tell you, it was DEEP. I knew.

What evolved out of that place of desperation and stuckness was the place of Divine Light. A knowing that I had gotten myself into this and that My Authentic Self could show me the way out. I stopped pushing away my truth and got connected with My Highest Self. It took a while. But what emerged was simply miraculous.

This is why I know that you can do it too. Not my way. But in the way that is guided by connecting with Who You Really Are.

Your Highest Self, Your Divine Guidance System, and the sweet Love and Mercy of The Universe is waiting to pull you into the fullness of YourSelf